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LIVE STREAMING, WEB TV , LIVE VIDEO. Call it what you want. Technology is improving all the time and streaming live is the perfect way to take full control of your event, content and coverage. Broadcast TV is now turning to the web in a big way! It is now easier than ever to create live entertainment or content for the world to see.

Angelfish have teamed up with a selection of leading streaming providers and consultants and we now offer a range of live streaming solutions. These range from one camera low cost streams to multi camera web TV shows that can include graphics, pre show interviews, presenter led features, adverts, powerpoint, industry news, interactive forums,  Q and As, panel talks and live conference calls.


To make it easier to understand we have divided the streaming packages into Bronze, Silver and Gold.

This document looks at the bronze and silver packages in more detail as they are using mid level professional kit.  These are perfect for those wanting to spend anything from three to ten thousand pounds on their stream using a maximum of five live feeds at any one time.

Bronze Stream

A Bronze stream is a simple live stream of an event. The Bronze stream will only take a few days to prepare, will have one to three cameras on site and will include some simple graphics / lower third name tags chosen by the client.

A bronze stream is for those who can only afford a two to four man crew in one location with limited pre production.

Bronze stream is great for getting a talk or simple performance out there to a targeted audience but clients must fully research the venue and offer us a comprehensive documents pre show.

 Silver Stream

A silver Stream will involve  four cameras and some pre show interviews and great looking graphics to keep viewers engaged.

We may also include  a wireless camera enabling us to film in two locations at any one time and shoot interviews with customers whilst the event is happening.

Silver Streams will range from £4,000 – £10,000 and will involve a crew of four to eight people.

Gold Stream

When we are filming in multiple locations or at an event that needs more than five live feeds at any one time or you are expecting an audience of over 2,000 it’s best to go to a full broadcast TV style rig. Thats big Cameras, Racks engineer, professional communication  systems and dedicated crew to give a guaranteed high end stream.

These can vary from £10,000 – £60,000 depending on the cameras, screens, trucks and extras required.

Marketing and Communications for internet TV

Streaming reseller , partner or employee  events or learning is a great way to engage your targeted audience across the world or at a variety of offices.


If you need more information or you want to run over some ideas please do call me directly on 0044 ( 0 ) 7970 105 777 or mail me at


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