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The Angelfish team have just created a new series of compelling videos  offering life changing and inspiring ideas around the way we live.
The topics of discussion include climate emergency, despair and denial, celebrity culture,  youth climate strikes, over population, brand manipulation, Extinction Rebellion, the rise in mental health issues, education, economics, the 3.5 % culture shift model and loads of practical solutions.
Get involved, learn lots and please share this wisdom far and wide.
Youtube playlist – George Monbiot –  A series of talks from Bristol May 2019.
 Youtube links / Bristol, May 2019
V1 – George Monbiot – What does declaring a climate emergency actually mean?
V2 -George Monbiot challenges the BBC to go further in naming and confronting power
V3 – George Monbiot – Celebrity is the mask the machine wears / consumerism, celebrity, climate emergency
V4 – George Monbiot says ‘Advertising is a pox on the planet ‘ Is advertising just mindless consumerism?
V5 George Monbiot – Has green consumerism become a substitute for systemic change?
V6 – George Monbiot lays out solutions for carbon off setting and how to prevent climate emergency!
V7 – George Monbiot talks Extinction Rebellion, Youth uprising, Despair versus Hope, civil disobedience and connecting to your power
V8  George Monbiot – The age of Loneliness / climate breakdown and mental breakdown
V9 George Monbiot – Capitalism is destroying our living planet and our life support systems
V10 George Monbiot – Is education helping to solve the world’s problems?
V11 George Monbiot – What is the tipping point for creating a societal shift?
V12 – How do we create equitable economic growth and the redistribution of wealth?
V13 – Why are more UK farmers taking their own lives?
V14 – Who is Gretta Thunberg? George Monbiot talks about the conspiracy theories looking to discredit this icon of positive change.
V15 – Should I have Children?
V16 – George Monbiot – The solutions for a better world – Travel, plant based diet, community and education
V17 – George Monibot – Full 2 hour talk including all of the above.
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What does declaring a climate emergency actually mean?
Celebrity is the mask the machine wears. The connection between consumerism, toxic celebrity  culture and climate emergency
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Please share our video and help to spread the wisdom in order to create a more natural world!


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