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As restrictions start to loosen it is essential that we look at how to adapt a live event into streamed interviews, online TV style chat shows or a series of pre recorded videos.

Let’s be honest. The events world is probably on hold for at least a year. We are in the most challenging times which requires creative and sometimes radical responses.
So how can we meet our business objectives without gathering in large groups? 
As restrictions start to loosen it is essential that Agency Directors, Brand Managers, Creatives, Marketeers and Event Producers look at how they can adapt a live event or face to face programme into live streamed interviews, online TV style shows or a series of videos.
This online content could include live interviews, pre recorded videos, panel discussions, Q & A with viewers at home, competitions, remote zoom chats, workshops and entertainment.
My experience in events over the past decade is considerable. I have flown all over the world filming global phone launches, multi million pound tech conferences, fashion shows, TV, theatre, and many consumer events and festivals. I fully understand the video, event and live streaming industries and how they can work together for great results.
I now run a small film and video agency in Somerset producing events, video content and live streaming for a variety of charities, brands, events agencies and my own youtube channel  LOVE IT TV that gets over 40,000 clicks a month.
As a cameraman and video producer my clients include Samsung, Nike, Cisco, FT, SAP, Guardian online, George Monbiot, Channel 4, Greenman Music Festival, a number of publishers and even The Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury Festival!
Below are a great examples of online video and live streams that can replace an event.
A quick and cost effective solution for getting your message out to your audience.

A slightly higher value studio shoot where diagrams and demos are used to engage the audience at home. 

Producing a live stream or series of online videos is far cheaper than a live event.   It also means less travel, less pollution and less financial risk in these very challenging and unpredictable times.
The present lock down is a tragedy of unprecedented proportions. But it is essential to look beyond the current situation. Training conferences, award shows, fundraisers, leadership forums, sales meetings, consumer events, art exhibitions, theatre shows and even music festivals can still morph into a TV show or a series of online videos meeting the same financial goals and marketing objectives.
The live streaming and video world will really start to pick up in a few weeks time when restrictions are reduced and people start looking at alternative online marketing models going forward.
If you are looking for someone to film live your events, create engaging video content, help plan or produce live streams or you just want to talk about how we can adapt an event or campaign to go online let’s talk. – inspiring people through film, video production and web TV – inspiring people through events, live experience and creative communications
Daniel Dobbie
Company founder
Video, TV and Events Director
m : + 44 (0) 7970 105 777
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