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Creating a live internet stream for your customers is a great thing. It’s far cheaper to live stream a show than pay for people to attend the event. Fossil fuel usage and unnecessary travel are really under the microscope at the moment so creating a live stream can really achieve the objectives of a live event without the cost or the large environmental footprint for a live experience.

At Angelfish we have seen lots of agencies and brands live stream their events. However,  they only get to a fraction of the viewing figures  they were hoping for. They say that its a one percent return. So if you email 100 people with the live link then you will be lucky to get one person watching. This is a general rule and is really dependent on the content, relationship with your customer and your messaging.

So, what are the key rules to making your live stream work and to get people watching?

  1. Have good complimentary media partners who is willing to share your work, contribute content for your PR campaign and help with creative ideas and the marketing of the link.
  2. Get a brand or business involved who has similar objectives. i.e. If you are promoting healthy living then a health bar or a health related charity would work well.
  3. Have a list of passive partners who love the content and are willing to share, blog and tweet the show.
  4. Make sure the content is engaging. Consumer led Internet TV is all about niche markets and allowing people to watch stuff they would never find on TV.
  5. Dont be too stiff. The internet is all about being natural. Live does not always go to plan so always have a back up and keep it lively and entertaining what ever the subject matter.
  6. The 24 hours pre show are critical times for a live stream. It so easy for people to forget about your show or click to the next feed so in the run up to the live stream make sure you have a team sending out posts, feeds and tweets so its fresh in peoples minds.

We love the excitement of live shows and the fact that people can ask questions there and then. For more info on internet TV or to run over some ideas do get in touch.

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