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Hash tags is the new kid on the block and something I was not sure about until this new exciting project took off. When we started to produce a new community video platform  I realised the importance of having a way to track and follow a story or subject on the web without having to painstakingly scroll through hundreds of pages. To put it simply Hash tag is a far more accurate word search.

Earlier this year we launched our first hashtag #indietown in a bid to tell the story of how a group of people took over their town council and started to make great things happen!

We are still at the first stages of this online learning platform but the hashtag is a great place to start creating the story and offering others the chance to follow various social media campaign, sties and blogs from those involved.

Due to the nations general dislike for politicians and their methods of working  there is a new wave of independent thinking happening in the Britain.

#indietown is a new video and web platform that gives people the skills and resources to stand up to their local politicians and set up their own very independent town council.


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