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Working the Sony D50 for leading conference at the Hiltons new Heathrow Airport


We have had a great few months filming a variety of shows and celebrities including David Walliams, Jason Bradbury and Rory Bremna. Its only when you see these guys in rehearsal you realise just how professional and gifted they really are. I dont think I could stand up and talk to a crowd of 8,000 people and if I did I would not be making much sense!

Many of you have also been watching our ‘Grow your Own’ series on LOVE IT TV with Patrick Whitefield. He is having some great attention from the media at the moment so we may be looking at another terrestrial TV feature some time soon.

So what makes a good presenter?

In my eyes Jason Bradbury just has it all!  He works with the camera crew so well and just knows where to stand, how to demo, when to switch cameras and how to pitch his tone of voice. His communication skills with the stage managers are superb. He works with the team and will suggest scripts and language he knows the audience will understand. When time is short he easily skips through to the areas of most concern.

Patrick Whitefield  is another gifted presenter who has a real passion for his subject of gardening and permaculture. When demonstrating tips and tricks on camera he always remembers where he was and repeats finer details with ease.

The thing that these guys have in common is their love for the chosen subjects. They speak from the heart and love questions, new ideas and industry news. In my mind a good presenter does not worry about the results, the crowd or how they are perceived. They just seem to talk with confidence.

The media industry is sinking with people wanting to be famous. Surely this is just people wanting to boost their own egos and cam only lead to a poor show, disappointment and unhealthy competition.

As another great presenter Chris Packham said. Lets try work with presenters who are experts in their subjects as these are the people with the knowledge and the talent.

Thanks for reading.

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